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Chemistry Lecture Notes

Handwritten General Chemistry Lecture Notes!

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1st Semester General Chemistry Lecture Notes

SECTION 1 ‚ÄstFoundations of Chemistry¬†- 19 pages.

SECTION¬†2 ‚ÄstAtom, Molecules, and Ions¬†-¬†21 pages.

SECTION¬†3 ‚ÄstChemical Quantities and Stoichiometry¬†
- 16 pages.

SECTION¬†4 ‚ÄstTypes of Chemical Reactions and Solution Stoichiometry¬†
- 26 pages.

SECTION¬†5 ‚ÄstGases¬†
- 18 pages.

SECTION¬†6 ‚ÄstThermochemistry¬†
- 17 pages.

SECTION¬†7 ‚Äď The Quantum Mechanical View of the Atom, and Periodicity¬†
- 19 pages.

SECTION¬†8 ‚ÄstChemical Bonding¬†
- 28 pages.

SECTION¬†9 ‚ÄstCovalent Bonding and Molecular Orbitals¬†
- 16 pages.

SECTION 10 ‚ÄstLiquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces¬†
- 18 pages.

SECTION 11 ‚ÄstSolutions and Their Properties¬†
- 13 pages.

2nd Semester General Chemistry Lecture Notes

SECTION¬†12 ‚Äď Chemical Kinetics-¬†24 pages.

SECTION¬†13 ‚ÄstChemical Equilibrium¬†
- 19 pages.

SECTION¬†14 ‚ÄstAcids and Bases¬†
- 23 pages.

SECTION¬†15 ‚ÄstApplications of Acid-Base Equilibria¬†
- 19 pages.

SECTION¬†16 ‚ÄstSpontaneity, Entropy, and Free Energy¬†
- 10 pages.

SECTION¬†17 ‚ÄstElectrochemistry¬†
- 22 pages.

SECTION¬†18 ‚ÄstTransition Metals and Coordination Chemistry¬†
- 22 pages.

SECTION¬†19 ‚ÄstThe Nucleus and Nuclear Chemistry¬†
- 18 pages.

SECTION¬†20 ‚ÄstAn Introduction to Organic Chemistry¬†
- 13 pages.

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