Section 7 - Quantum Mechanical View of the Atom, and Periodicity

The Quantum Mechanical View of the Atom, and Periodicity - Section 7 of General Chemistry Notes is 19 pages in length (page 7-1 through page 7-19) and covers ALL you'll need to know on the following lecture/textbook topics:

SECTION 7 - The Quantum Mechanical View of the Atom and Periodicity

7-1 -- Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
  · The Electromagnetic Spectrum
  · Visible Light (“VYBOGR”)
  · Complementary Colors
  · Wavelength of Light and Frequency of Light
7-3 -- The Nature of Matter
  · Max Planck and Planck’s Constant (h)
  · Albert Einstein and the Photon
  · The Wave-Particle Duality of Light
  · The deBroglie Equation
7-6 -- The Atomic Spectrum of Hydrogen
  · Bohr Model of the Atom
  · Line Emission Spectra and the Line Emission Spectrum for Hydrogen
  · Quantized Energy-Levels
7-9 -- Quantum Numbers
  · The Principal Quantum Number (n)
  · Atomic Orbitals
  · The Angular Momentum Quantum Number (l)
  · The Magnetic Quantum Number
  · The Electron Spin Quantum Number
7-12 -- Polyelectronic Atoms
  · Degenerate Orbitals
  · Electron Configurations
  · The “Diagonal Rule” and Writing Electron Configurations
  · Hund’s Rule
  · Orbital Notation
7-16 -- Core Electrons vs. Valence Electrons
  · Noble-Gas Notation
  · Valence Electron Configurations
7-17 -- Periodic Trends in Atomic Properties
  · Atomic Radius, Ionization Energy, and Electron Affinity

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