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Section 15 - Applications of Acid-Base Equilibria

Applications of Acid-Base Equilibria - Section 15 of General Chemistry Notes is 19 pages in length (page 15-1 through page 15-19) and covers ALL you'll need to know on the following lecture/textbook topics:

SECTION 15 - Applications of Acid-Base Equilibria

15-1 -- Solutions of Acids or Bases Containing a Common Ion
¬† ¬∑¬†Common Ions and the ‚ÄúCommon Ion Effect‚ÄĚ
15-2 -- Buffered Solutions (Buffer Solutions)
  · Approaching Buffer Problems and Questions
  · Major Species and the ICE Method
15-5 -- How Do Buffers Resist a Change in pH?
15-5 -- The Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation
15-7 -- Titrations and pH Curves (Titration Curves)
  · The Buret, the Titrant, and the Analyte
  · Stoichiometric Point (Equivalence Point) vs. Endpoint
  · Monitoring the Progress of an Acid-Base Titration
15-8 -- Types of Acid-Base Titrations
  · Strong Acid - Strong Base Titrations
  · Buffer Capacity
  · Weak Acid - Strong Base Titrations
  · Halfway Point of a Titration
  · The pH Curve of a Weak Acid - Strong Base Titration
15-16 -- Solubility Equilibria and the Solubility Product (Ksp)
  · Saturated Solutions
  · The Solubility Product
¬† ¬∑¬†The ‚ÄúSolubility‚ÄĚ vs. the ‚ÄúSolubility Product‚ÄĚ
15-18 -- Precipitation of Solids from Solution
  · The Ion Product (Q)
  · Q vs. Ksp

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