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Organic Chemistry Lecture Notes

Handwritten Organic Chemistry Lecture Notes!

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1st Semester Organic Chemistry Lecture Notes

SECTION 1 ‚Äď Structural, Bonding, and Molecular Properties of Organic Molecules¬†- 19 pages.

SECTION¬†2 ‚Äď The Nature of Organic Compounds: Alkanes and Cycloalkanes¬†- 18 pages.

SECTION¬†3 ‚Äď Stereochemistry of Alkanes and Cycloalkanes: 3-D Structures of Molecules¬†
- 13 pages.

SECTION¬†4 ‚ÄstThe Study of Organic Reactions: An Overview¬†
- 14 pages.

SECTION¬†5 ‚ÄstStructure and Reactivity of Alkenes¬†
- 14 pages.

SECTION¬†6 ‚ÄstReactions and Synthesis of Alkenes¬†
- 14 pages.

SECTION¬†7 ‚ÄstAlkynes¬†
- 12 pages.

SECTION¬†8 ‚Äď Stereochemistry: A Detailed Look
 - 16 pages.

SECTION¬†9 ‚ÄstAlkyl Halides (R-X)¬†
- 10 pages.

SECTION 10 ‚ÄstSubstitution (SN2, SN1) and Elimination (E2, E1) Reactions¬†
- 21 pages.

SECTION 11 ‚ÄstMass Spectrometry and IR Spectroscopy¬†
- 9 pages.

2nd Semester Organic Chemistry Lecture Notes

SECTION 12 ‚ÄstNMR Spectroscopy¬†- 18 pages.

SECTION 13 ‚Äď Conjugated Systems and UV-Spectroscopy¬†
- 19 pages.

SECTION¬†14 ‚Äď Aromatic Compounds and Aromaticity¬†
- 11 pages.

SECTION¬†15 ‚ÄstElectrophilic Aromatic Substitution (E.A.S.)¬†
- 23 pages.

SECTION¬†16 ‚ÄstReactions and Synthesis of Alcohols¬†
- 19 pages.

SECTION¬†17 ‚ÄstEthers, Epoxides, and Sulfides¬†
- 7 pages.

SECTION¬†18 ‚Äď Aldehydes and Ketones¬†
- 24 pages.

SECTION¬†19 ‚ÄstCarboxylic Acids¬†
- 7 pages.

SECTION¬†20 ‚ÄstCarboxylic Acid Derivatives and Nucleophilic Acyl Substitutions¬†
- 27 pages.

SECTION¬†21 ‚ÄstCarbonyl Alpha-Substitution Reactions¬†
- 17 pages.

SECTION¬†22 ‚ÄstCarbonyl Condensation Reactions¬†
- 16 pages.

SECTION¬†23 ‚ÄstAmines¬†
- 19 pages.

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