The Best Types of Chemistry Lectures

No two Chemistry lectures are the same. Each Chemistry teacher has a unique teaching style; some prefer delivering their courses in-person while others prefer incorporating online modules and materials into their courses.

While there is no single-best lecture method, there are undoubtedly some which are more effective than others. The type of lecture method that a teacher uses plays a large role in how well the student does in the course and grasps the concepts.

Chemistry Lecture on a Whiteboard

So, you might ask - what is the best way to learn and receive information from a Chemistry course?

There are undoubtedly better teaching methods of Chemistry that have proven to be more effective, while others, not as much. However,  having a balanced approach to your learning is always the best way to go; online materials and in-lecture materials are essential ways to enhance your learning experience.

In this guide, I’ll share some common Chemistry lectures that I have found to be very effective.

Table of Contents

  1. Two Types of Chemistry Lectures
         1.1. In-Person Lectures
         1.2. Online Lectures
  2. Making the Most of Your Chemistry Lectures

Types of Chemistry Lectures

No matter what college or university you attend, there is a good chance that you will be required to complete several Chemistry lecture classes during your educational career. These courses can be some of the most important courses you will take in your Chemistry academia.

Huge General Chemistry Lecture Hall

Given that these courses tend to focus on building the foundations of Chemistry, they are an invaluable part of your career choice. As such, you must pay close attention to the types of Chemistry lectures your professors use. There are different kinds of lecture styles, and some work better than others. Learning what type of classes work for you allows you to learn and study better.

In-Person Lectures

One of the oldest teaching Methods is still the most widely used method of instruction, but is it still an effective method? The answer is - YES!

In-person lectures are particularly useful for presenting students with an interactive learning experience. Teachers can quickly write their lessons right in front of the students across whiteboards, ask questions if needed, and get instant feedback right away. This allows the teacher to gauge how well the students understand the course and make adjustments if necessary. I enjoyed this type of in-person lecture because if I was unsure of anything, I could ask my professors for help right away.

In-Person Chemistry Teaching

A better and more effective method of teaching in person is through video content. Professors can also decide to play video lectures and utilize fill-in worksheets, which is another excellent way of delivering in-person classes. Now, this can include video lectures, PowerPoint presentations, or a mix of both.  Research shows 94% of teachers have effectively used video during the academic year and found it useful. Video is fun, engaging, and personally, my favorite way of consuming chemistry lectures and notes.

If you ever need engaging Chemistry video lectures, check out the ChemistryNotes Youtube Channel. Justin, Founder of Chemistry Notes with over 20 years of experience teaching Chemistry, provides Chemistry video lectures for the entire “General Chemistry Course” and “Organic Chemistry Course” for high school and college students in a fun and engaging experience.

AP Chemistry Online Lectures

There’s plenty of resources too on Chemistry Notes, including easy-to-follow “General Chemistry Notes” and “Organic Chemistry Notes” that you can purchase and use for your lectures. Lectures are long and require your undivided attention, and taking notes can be very distracting. What’s great about these notes is you can easily carry them to your lectures and make short annotations on them, allowing you to focus on your classes more.

Online Lectures

Both recent high school graduates and college students will find online Chemistry lessons come with multiple appealing advantages. Notably, they’re much more flexible and convenient for students with a hectic schedule and need flexibility with their classes. Many students have responsibilities like full- or part-time jobs and families, so having the flexibility to log onto a computer at any time, day or night — is a significant advantage.

Online Science Learning

Many online Chemistry lessons run asynchronously to provide maximum scheduling flexibility. Some require learners to collaborate with peers at set times or meet with a professor during virtual office hours.

A common type of online Chemistry lecture you will come across will look like videos (taken from the back of the class) of a teacher writing across two whiteboards. This lecture almost feels like a real lecture and provides the same classroom feeling- only virtually. If online Chemistry lectures work better and fit your schedule, you will find this type of class very useful.

Other types of online chemistry lecture types include readable lectures (like the way one a reads a book online), top-down video of a lecturer writing notes onto white paper, and still shots with underlined empty fill-in parts (gaps) of lecture missing that you fill in as you listen to the course.

Zoom Chemistry Lectures

Personally, of the three, top-down videos of a lecturer writing notes onto a white paper get top preference and are among the most effective way of teaching. It is engaging, easy to follow, and students get live examples of how to solve common Chemistry problems, among other things.

All these are excellent ways to consume Chemistry lectures online and still allow an online curriculum’s flexibility.

Making the Most of Your Lectures

Chemistry is not an easy subject to learn but finding the right kind of Chemistry lectures that work best for you will allow you to learn better and understand the course even more.

Also, taking Chemistry notes in class can often be a frustrating experience. Chemistry is already a challenging subject, but taking notes in class while trying to concentrate is not a good idea. That’s why I recommend you purchase premade lecture notes.

Having pre-made Chemistry notes with you allows you to focus on the lectures more and only take down critical messages from the professor. It also allowed you to read ahead of your class and help you understand the courses even better.